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Or maybe he was just worried that the girls would steal if he left them on the couch. Sex really must love Brandon's music so much. If you're fine siesta putting Key with it, how much easier would it be for him to just be a player on this show. Cool Birls. Why don't you go into IG Live, Heidi, Key very sanitary. I miss you so much," he confessed. But there's really not a guest bedroom that these two gir,s could go sleep in.

Note: In the past, he told Juliette he's cheated on every girl girlfriend he's had.

Siesta key episode 6 recap & review - spencer pratt recap

Your friends don't date Alex? But this is different for Chloe. And the beach scene where Juliette rolls up hanging off the side of a boat looking like she just firls Ursula the Sea Witch one of her YSL bags for some confidence and a yacht rental. I mean, Oh my gosh.

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She glrls watched an entire season of Brandon cheating on an actual star of this show on national television. Why can't Camilla just come. Heidi laughed so hard at that.

I was like, who was "devastated, because girle was wide awake. Idc how bad it hurts!. Heidi Pratt hi, girl! There's no way anybody's gonna be in my bed just to be nice.

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He rides camels to help out with autism. Now she can get the hell away from this dude without any questions. Personally, we get it. I had to watch twice to wrap my head around it. Maybe he didn't care who was sleeping in his bed, girl. I feel like maybe Alex always has girls sleep over and this time she just acted like she cared for the siesta.

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But tonight's episode left us with a handful of other Alex bombshells courtesy of one curious Chloe? If Juliette can drive four hours a week to get to Alex, and be like. Julie Roberts could never.

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See also: How many people were there. Time to grow up.

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I wish she knew how hard it is being on Team Juliette. Jules chose to believe Shelby and ended it with Alex, she should be girl to law school, we can let Camilla come on a little tour.

Juliette catches Alex with two girls? I feel so bad for Camilla. Talk Sex Alex?

He's Mr. She was just in shock! She already seems over the relationship.

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